Kashmir: Army Troops Carry Pregnant Woman In Knee Deep Snow, Help Her Reach Hospital For Delivery

army rescues pregnant woman

Company Operating Base (COB) Bunawadar of the Indian Army helped a pregnant woman in north Kashmir reach hospital by carrying her through knee-deep snow for over two kilometres.

COB had received a distress call from the woman’s husband Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh who lives in Pharkian village. In the call Shiekh said that his wife had been experiencing labour pain and had to be taken to a hospital.

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The call came at around 11:30 pm, by which time it had been snowing continuously for close to 24 hours. “Due to heavy snowfall and inclement weather, neither community health service vehicles nor civil transport could drive on snow-filled roads,” a source said, as per NDTV report.

The army troops, accompanied by a battlefield nursing assistant reached Shiekh’s home along with medical comfort items. As per the source, the army troops then escorted the pregnant woman and her family for about two kilometres till the road head, from where she was taken to Karalpura hospital. “On reaching hospital, the woman was immediately attended by the medical staff, who were ready due to the coordination of the Indian Army with the civil administration.”

Later, in the evening, she gave birth to a baby boy.

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The woman’s family confirmed that both the baby and mother were healthy and safe. They expressed their gratitude to the Army for timely action and immediate help. After the birth of his child, Sheikh visited the Company Operation Base to distribute sweets among the army troops.

Picture and video credit: ANI