Probe Ordered Into Pool, Gym Built At Rohini Sindhuri Residence

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Mysuru DC: The Karnataka government has ordered an investigation into the development of an indoor pool and a gym at the official residence of Mysuru Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rohini Sindhuri.

GC Prakash in his report stated,”No letter or permission has been received from the Commissioner of Archeology and Heritage Department, Mysore for the construction of swimming pool and gym at the official residence of the Deputy Commissioner.” Other discrepancies were also found and the swimming pool was stated as illegal construction on a heritage property.

The probe notice comes after Karnataka IAS official and Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner Shilpa Nag declared her resignation from the post at a public interview alleging harassment by Mysuru DC, Sindhuri.

In a request, Revenue Secretary Manjunath Prasad has asked Mysuru Regional Commissioner G C Prakash to investigate the matter and present a detailed report by June 7.

The public authority requested to test following the complaints from the previous minister and JD(S) MLA SR Mahesh, who was also the previous Mysuru city corporation (MCC) Corporator K V Mallesh and Kodagu-Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha. They had claimed that the DC’s home is a heritage property and rules have been disregarded to develop the pool.

Prior to a complaint, SR Mahesh had alleged that Sindhuri built an indoor pool and gym at an expense of Rs 50 lakh at the official residence of the Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru. Sindhuri had claimed that the development of the pool and gym are according to standards and guidelines.

Shilpa Nag is a 2014-batch IAS officer working as MCC Commissioner since February 2021. Nag accused Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhuri of alleged harassment and said, “Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri is constantly calling the higher-ups and complaining to them that no work is being done in the MCC. There is no conducive environment to work in Mysuru, and, thus, I am resigning from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and will send the resignation letter to the Chief Secretary seeking to be relieved from my duties.” Nag also accused Sindhuri of having an alleged personal grudge against her.

On Friday, MCC corporators dispatched a dissent on the side of Nag. Every one of the 64 corporators cutting party lines reportedly fought in the premises of the Mysuru organisation. The corporators requested the state government to transfer Sindhuri right away.