Kangana Ranaut's Spat With Media Backfires, Leads To Boycott!

Kangana Ranaut recently landed herself into another controversy when she engaged in a verbal spat with a PTI journalist, accusing him of running a ‘smear campaign’ against her.

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Kangana Ranaut is one of the most controversial actor in Bollywood. The Queen actress recently landed herself into another controversy when she engaged in a verbal spat with a PTI journalist Justin Rao. It was during the song launch of her new movie Judgemental Hai Kya when the incident occurred.


Journalist accused of giving bad press

In the video, Kangana accused the journalist of running a ‘smear campaign’ against her and criticising her movie on his personal Twitter handle. Kangana attacked the reporter saying, “you are calling me a jingoistic woman who is making a film on are harming my brand, that is not right."

Rao retaliated by telling her that she was speaking to him from a position of power, and that was unfair. She then called him a ‘friend’ instead, with whom she has shared a long lunch in her vanity van. The journalist denied all her claims. The conversation soon turned into a heated argument with other journalists also supporting the reporter.

The incident obviously didn’t go down well with the media fraternity who have reportedly demanded a public apology from Kangana.

Media fraternity stands in solidarity, demands public apology

Following the debacle, entertainment journalists stood in solidarity. The Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India has decided to boycott Kangana Ranaut, a delegation from the group told producer Ekta Kapoor on Tuesday.

India today reports that, members of the Guild also demanded a public apology from both Kapoor and Ranaut, journalists present at the meeting said.

Kapoor, who is producing Ranaut's upcoming film Judgementall Hai Kya, agreed to issue the apology and expressed regret over Sunday's incident, which has prompted a backlash against the star on social media.

The Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India in a written statement said, “We, as a guild, have collectively decided to boycott Ms Ranaut and not give her any media coverage,” the delegation said in its letter to Kapoor, adding that the boycott will not affect the film or the rest of the cast."

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Refusal for an apology

However, her sister Rangoli Chandel, tweeted saying, “I promise Kangana won't apologise, you have asked the wrong person for an apology.”

Ek baat ka main vaada karti hoon, Kangana se apology nahin milegi, in bikau, nange, deshdrohi, desh ke dalal, libtard mediawalon ko.  Magar who tumko dho dho kar sidha zaroor karegi. Just wait and watch, tumne galat insan se maafi mangi hai.”

Judgmentall Hai Kya, already has enough controversy to its name. First, a box office clash with Hrithik Roshan's Super 30 was averted when he voluntarily rescheduled his film; then, the film's original title of Mental Hai Kya was changed after backlash, according to NDTV.

As per reports, if Kangana fails to apologise for her behaviour, the media plans to boycott the movie promotions of Judgementall Hai Kya, reported India Today 

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