Kamala Harris Vogue Cover Sparks Debate: All You Need to Know

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Kamala Harris’ Vogue cover has sparked a massive debate about how women of colour, women like Harris should be projected on magazines. Should it be fashion or their achievement in focus? Vogue magazine edited by Anna Wintour since 1988, is under criticism for showcasing America’s VP-Elect Harris against pink satin curtains and under so much light that her natural skin colour is diminished. Here’s all you need to know about it.

  • Kamala Harris is the face on the cover of the Vogue magazine for February
  • Kamala Harris is United States VP-Elect, and will be the first woman in American history to hold the position of Vice President. She is also the first woman of colour to ever hold such a high political position in United States.
  • Questions being raised on on social media include – Did Vogue light up Kamala Harris’ face to lighten her face colour? Was it important to spotlight ‘fashion’ over achievement?
  • Vogue’s caption next to Harris’ picture reads  – “Be the people, for the people, the United States of Fashion.”
  • While speaking to the Guardian, Anna Wintour said that the Vogue team’s approach to working with Kamala Harris and her team was to “capture her as a leader and as a person, and as she was most comfortable”. She also said that both the looks on the two covers were selected by Vice-President-elect and her team and that Harris has styled and dressed herself for the shoot.
  • Priyanka Chopra took to Instagram to expressed her delight over Kamala Harris being featured on a Vogue Cover on Monday. The actor said that it is promising that the United States of America will be inherited by such a positive example of leadership
  • Here’s a comment has questions if Vogue intentionally made Harris looked light skin?

  • Some Harris observers also questioned why politicians should at all be on Vogue/ fashion mag covers?

Was Kamala Harris Expecting Another Cover?

According to Yashar Ali, “The February Vogue cover featuring VP-elect Kamala Harris has been widely criticized on social media this evening But according to a source familiar with the publication plans, this is not the cover that the Vice President-elect’s team expected.”