Kamala Harris becomes the First Female, Black, and South-Asian Vice-President of the United States

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Kamala Devi Harris has become the first female, black, and South-Asian Vice-President elect of the United States. Harris, who has been in news over the past couple of months, will be the first Indian-American Vice-President of the United States.

She represents a new face of power; the underrepresented minority communities of women who are systematically ignored by the political system and by those who wield power in it. In an adorable video that went viral, Harris is talking to her great-niece and telling her, when she says that she wants to President, that she has to be ‘older’ and above the age of 35 to be President, and nodding affirmatively all along, saying “Well, you could be president”.

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Harris’ Political Journey

She has served as the junior United States senator from California since 2017 and has also served as the Attorney General of California between 2011 and 2017. In 2004, she ran for the seat of District Attorney of San Francisco and won. With 56% of the vote, she became the first person of color to be elected as District attorney of San Francisco.  On November 12, 2008, she announced her candidacy for the state’s attorney general and was sworn in on January 3, 2011. By doing so, she became the first woman, the first African American, and the first South Asian American to hold the office in the state’s history. She also emerged as the second African American woman and the first South Asian American to serve in the United States Senate, after contesting and winning in 2016. She became a prominent face during the Senate hearings of Trump administration officials, which included former US President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual assault.

Harris will assume office on the 20th of January, 2021, along side President-elect, Joe Biden. In a tweet, she talks about how the US election is much bigger than two individuals; it is about the whole of America, and expressed an earnestness about starting work. Read the whole tweet here: Kamala Harris becomes the Vice-President of the United States

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