Haryana Kabaddi Player Accuses Parents Of Domestic Violence

TN Women's panel Caste-Based Violence

A national level Kabaddi player has recently accused her family of domestic abuse. According to NDTV, she was allegedly locked up for days by her parents in Haryana’s Rohtak. Reason? She had refused to marry a person they chose for her.

It is shocking that even in the 21st century, an independent woman doesn’t own the rights to live her life on whatever terms she wants. The player wanted to continue her studies and make progress in sports instead of getting married.

In a letter to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and the police chief, she revealed her ordeal. She also mentioned how she managed to escaped from the house with great difficulty

The woman has mostly played nationally and represented her state in several tournaments. She claimed to be almost forced to get married in September last year, when her father took her to Karnal. The player has alleged that her father was marring her off to a much older man. After she refused, they locked her up in Karnal for several days. She also alleges that later her parents came back to take her from the rented quarters in Rohtak.

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The player also asked for help from the Haryana Women’s Commission, alleging that her life is in danger and called for action against her parents.

“I have faced several hardships in my sporting career but persevered till I represented Haryana at the national level,” she wrote in her letter

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Haryana had the highest figure in reporting most cases of sexual assault on women in 2016. Also infamous for its skewed  its sex ratio, the state struggled to reduce the number of reported gang-rapes and in December and January.

The state is now improving its status in fighting female foeticide. The numbers are still not great, but definitely an improvement. Here’s hoping the Kabaddi player gets justice.

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