Andhra Pradesh: Rural Girl Creates 101 Websites in 40 Days

Charvi Kathuria
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Rajita Kandimilla, a fourth-year B. Tech student of the Narasaraopeta Engineering College, Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh has her name registered in the Wonder Book of Records. Her achievement? She successfully created 101 websites in 40 days. Not only this, she also launched a web-designing startup - Altech Trend - a year ago. K Rajita is an example of girls residing in the remotest corners of the country harnessing the potential of technology to carve out a better future for themselves.


 What compelled her to do this?

K Rajita mentions that it was the uncertainty of finding a job after the completion of a degree that compelled her to get trained in web-designing.

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The girl, hailing from Petlurivaripalem, Narasraopet, Guntur has created websites on a myriad of subjects like cloud computing, big data, programming languages, music, dance, etc.

"Knowing about my work, two companies have ordered for creating websites."

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Future plans

This 20-year-old techie aspires to expand  her company Altech Trend into a proper web-based service company. She is hopeful for a brighter future as she feels that there are a lot of chances in the service sector to make mobile and computer-based applications.

Moreover, the NEC Director said, AP's minister for human resources, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, applauded Rajita's efforts.

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Stories of change

Rajita has proved that her socio-economic background cannot determine her future. Her story sheds light on the pivotal role technology can play in empowering girls. Her decision to be in charge of her own life and her sheer hard-work and determination is commendable.

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