As Arunachal Pradesh reels under protests regarding issuing Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) to people from other states, widow of Tsering Wangdi, killed during police firing in the anti-PRC protest on Monday, Jyoti Kamda refused to accept compensation and job that the state government offered her. Apart from that, she demanded the state government to take strict action against those responsible for her husband’s death.

“We saw several women, some carrying their children, joining the rally. That’s when my husband decided it was not right to sit around when everyone else was protesting against PRC, and left the house without it coming to my notice.

“He had been shot but there was no blood dripping from his wound, nor was his shirt bloodied. The doctors there said he couldn’t be saved,” Kamda said, holding back tears, reported Arunachal Times. “The compensation amount and job are useless when my husband is no more.”

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Wangdi owned a small shop with his wife, he was killed when the police started firing to control a mob angry over the PRC issue on February 24 in Itanagar. The issue started when a Joint High-Power Committee, after holding parleys with stakeholders, recommended granting PRC to six non-native communities living in Namsai and Changlang districts for decades.

“The compensation amount and job are useless when my husband is no more.”

Kamda expressed her discontent over police who made the families of the killed person round up hospitals just for autopsy. Even after that, she hoped for some stringent action being taken by the state government to get her due justice. Kamda’s father Tachik Kamda also supported his daughter and called this action by the government “intentional and predetermined act to murder the innocent.” He asked why firing orders were given in a peaceful state like Arunachal.

“He was a son to me, and money can’t bring anyone back,” he said.

Picture credit- Arunachal 24

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