Brunt Of Rejecting Proposal: Jharkhand Woman Set On Fire

A few weeks after a minor girl was set on fire in the same region in Jharkhand, a 22-year-old woman was set ablaze by a man after she refused this marriage proposal.

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It's unfortunate but not surprising that a woman once again lost her life because a man couldn't handle rejection. At a time when women are fighting for their rights as well as their safety, there is no glimmer of hope for change. Case after case, city after city, women are paying the price for the lack of accountability of men. In yet another news coming in from Jharkhand, a man set a woman on fire after she refused his advances declining his marriage proposal.

A few weeks after a minor girl was set on fire in the same region in Jharkhand, a 22-year-old woman was set ablaze by a man after she refused this marriage proposal. The man was already married and was now stalking this woman who belonged to the same region.

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Jharkhand Woman Set On fire For Rejecting Marriage Proposal

On Friday, a 22-year-old woman brutally suffered an atrocity carried out against her by a man she refused to marry, according to reports. A resident of the village Bhalki in the Jarmundi area of Dumka District, the woman was rushed to the hospital by her family members after the incident occurred. The accused, who had been stalking the woman lately, asked her to marry him which left her shocked especially knowing that the man was already married. The accused got married in February earlier this year.


The sub-divisional police officer at Jarmundi, Shivender Thakur, told the media that the man had walked into the woman's home on Friday morning, poured petrol on her and set her on fire while she was sleeping. The police have arrested the accused.

Similar incidents

Several such incidents have taken place lately, where women have lost their lives to gruesome attacks by men who have refused to take no for an answer. A few weeks ago, a minor girl in Jharkhand was set on fire because she refused the advances of her stalker. The man couldn't take rejection and set her ablaze leading to the death of the girl after she was rushed to the hospital, as per reports.

Another ghastly incident took place in the Vijaywada region of Andhra Pradesh where a woman was burned alive by an infuriated man. She passed away on the spot. A few days back, a teenage girl in Uttarakhand was brutally murdered by three men because she refused to get into prostitution, something she was being forced into for a long time. The main accused got infuriated after the girl refused his sexual advances and later refused his offer to enter prostitution.

In a shocking incident from June, a 20-year-old woman in Andhra Pradesh was set ablaze by her family after she refused to marry as per their wishes. It's not just men facing rejection who are taking to such cruel acts of crime against women. The women in the country are paying the price for simply having their own will.

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