Used to listen to Korean Band BTS says Jharkhand JEE Mains Topper Anushka

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The Jharkhand JEE Mains topper Anushka, who scored 99.97% among girls in Jharkhand state revealed that her inspiration between studies were the world famous Korean band BTS. Anushka talking about her study plan to Jagran newspaper said, she “loved listening to their songs” and they helped her cope with the stress of preparation.


In an interview with Jagran, which has since gone viral, Anushka talks about topping the state. According to the report, she even topped her district attempt. She studied over 12 to 14 hours a day causing her a lot of concentration stress. She has been good in studies all through and managed to put enough hard work to keep her momentum going. Jharkhand JEE Mains topper Anushka scored 98.8 per cent in her class ten. A student of Carmel School, Anushka had a set routine and spent a lot of time planning her studies rather than going into them without an agenda.

JEE Mains Jharkhand Topper, Anushka Used To Listen To Korean Band BTS Songs In Between Studies

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