Janhvi Kapoor’s Note Talks About Things She Has Learnt In Self-isolation

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The whole country is in lockdown and probably most of us in this isolation are learning something new about ourselves and the people around us. It is the same with actress Janhvi Kapoor too.

On Monday, Janhvi on her Instagram posted a picture of her note. The post was captioned as “Also learnt that I like to write… p.s wrote this 3 days ago since we started self-isolating a little before the lockdown and it has already been a week for me by then.”


The note is all about the discoveries that the Dhadak actor has made in the past week. Her post has been received with lots of love and affection. The family members commented with emojis, whereas Manish Malhotra and Shashank Khaitan reacted with hearts. In her post among other things, she goes on to say how she values all the times her father stayed up waiting for her, how Khushi is clearly the cooler sister. Also, how she can still smell her mother, in her dressing room.

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First and foremost, she writes about how she has learnt the value of food and what it is to have everything in abundance. How she doesn’t have to worry about buying groceries.  She has also learnt that she relied on too many people for everything and that she took all the luxuries for granted and started measuring them in terms of necessities.

Janhvi confesses that her father misses her and that before the lockdown he would always wait for them to come back home to spend time with them. But now he seems very happy as he has both his daughters to himself.

Responsible and liberating at the same time

Janhvi says she understands that her house needs her and that she needs to be responsible for her people and to look out for everyone in the house. “Their health affects my health which affects my father’s health. It is my turn to look out for them as they have been doing that for me their entire life. She goes on to reveal that her job has conditioned her in a need to be seen constantly but now that she grasps that it is nice not to be seen sometimes,” she says.

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She comprehends that she feels the most liberated in this lockdown. It is is also satisfying for her to know that she doesn’t really need all the things she thought she needed.

“The human mind is a globe in itself with infinite travel destinations and adventures and possibilities.”

“Music can help to get through anything”

Janhvi says she now knows that her friends are funny and that she doesn’t need a reformer to workout and music can help to get through anything. “The human mind is a globe in itself with infinite travel destinations and adventures and possibilities.”

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