Jammu and Kashmir Police officer wins the International Female Peacekeeper Award

Inspector Shakti Devi of the Jammu and Kashmir Police made the country proud as she won the prestigious International Female Peacekeeper Award by the United Nation or UN’s police division. Her achievements include her work with the UN mission in Afghanistan and working towards helping victims of sexual and gender-based violence.


She has contributed in improving the status of female police officers and has played a vital role in helping the police of Afghanistan in adopting democratic principles of policing. According to the UN agency, “In addition, her consistent engagement in improving the service for victims of sexual and gender-based violence has led to successful investigation and prosecution.”


[Picture Courtesy: IB Times]

The award aims to promote membership in the UN International Female Police Peacekeepers Network and in “increasing international understanding and awareness of women in international police peacekeeping and in the network,” reported NDTV.


The website also reported that the UN owes India $110 million- the second highest outstanding payment to any country, for the costs relating to peacekeeping operations and troops as India is the largest contributor to UN peacekeeping operations and has contributed more than 170,000 troops in 43 out of 69 peacekeeping missions mandated by the United Nations Security Council.





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