How A Flower Nursery In Kashmir's Budgam Empowers Rural Women

With the goal of empowering women and offering them a means of sustainable income, a self-help group (SHG) in BK Pora village has launched a flower nursery as part of the UMEED scheme in Budgam, J&K.

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The tranquil village of BK Pora, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Budgam, is undergoing a spectacular transformation. It's a transformation that not only brings economic self-sufficiency to the women of this community but also contributes to the preservation of indigenous plant species and the flourishing of local flora.


This transformation takes the form of a vibrant flower nursery, lovingly cultivated by a self-help group (SHG) under the UMEED scheme.

Blooming Dreams and Sustainable Income

With the delicate touch of petals and the nurturing of roots, the women of BK Pora are rewriting their destinies. The inception of the flower nursery is a testament to their indomitable spirit, and it is a beacon of hope for economic empowerment.

The UMEED scheme, which means "Hope" in English, resonates with the very essence of its name. Its mission is to provide a sustainable source of income to the women of Budgam, nurturing the seeds of self-sufficiency. The flowers cultivated in this nursery are not just botanical wonders; they are the blossoming dreams of these women.

The flower nursery serves a dual purpose that goes beyond the superficial beauty of blooming petals. While it does create employment opportunities for these determined women, it also acts as a guardian of nature. It actively supports the conservation of indigenous plant species and promotes the local flora. It's a reminder that we can earn our livelihood without compromising the environment that nurtures us.

To ensure the sustainability and profitability of their venture, the self-help group is not merely tending to flowers. They have been trained in nursery management, plant propagation techniques, and marketing strategies. This knowledge equips them to not only maintain their nursery but also to bloom in the world of business.


The women of Budgam are not just nurturing flowers; they are nurturing their own destinies. The flowers cultivated in this nursery are not just meant for decorations; they become gifts of hope, and they enhance the landscapes of dreams. These colourful blossoms have the power to uplift spirits and brighten lives.

This initiative is not just a flower nursery; it's a nurturing ground for women's empowerment and rural development. It nurtures economic self-reliance and paves the path for women to actively participate in their local economy. Entrepreneurship and innovation, once dormant, now awaken among these rural women.

In the charming village of BK Pora, women are not just growing flowers; they are growing dreams, aspirations, and a future that blooms brighter with each passing day.

As the fragrance of these blossoms fills the air, it inspires more women to take the leap, start their own ventures, and contribute to the prosperity of the Kashmir Valley. This initiative doesn't just create employment opportunities; it sows the seeds of a brighter future for women in Budgam and serves as an inspiration for others to follow.

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