Jade Carey Expresses Gratitude Towards Her Coach Father After Winning Gold

Jade Carey
Jade Carey, the 21-year-old who won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, expressed gratitude towards her father who is also her coach. She said that having her father there means everything to her.

While sharing her experience, the Olympic gymnast Jade Carey also said that Simone Biles told her to go and ‘kill the floor.’ Carey reportedly said that she reflected upon the difference between her vault and floor performances.

After winning, the first thing she did was hug her father-coach Brian Carey. The 21-year-old gymnast also made her dad wear the Gold medal after she received it at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Olympic Gold medalist Jade Carey said, “Having my dad here means everything to me.”

She added, “This is all we’ve ever dreamed of. It’s just really special to be able to get this medal with him out there by my side. He’s supported me 100 per cent the whole time.”

She shared that doing the second vault was a challenge but she rather gave it her all, according to reports.

Brian Carey, the father as well as coach of Jade said, “I’m super proud of her.” He added about a disappointing vault final the previous night, “She was able to refocus and get back out after it.”

Carey also had achieved a score of 14.366 which was the highest of any qualifying score.

About Simone Biles, she said, “I talked to my dad last night, and we decided together that we were just going to let it go the best we could, and both put everything we could into tonight.”

On the other hand, the Olympic gymnast Simone Biles would be taking part in Tuesday’s balance beam final, according to reports. Biles had cited mental health concerns and withdrawn from the US’s vault rotation in the women’s team final.