Conman Sukesh Urges Media To Not Portray Jacqueline Fernandez In Bad Light

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Actor Jacqueline Fernandez and conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s alleged romantic relationship has been making headlines for a couple of months. Recently a new intimate picture of the duo went viral on social media. Chandrasekhar was seen kissing the actor on her nose.

Jacqueline Fernandez had then released an official statement on her Instagram handle urging people to not circulate her pictures further. According to a report by India Today, now Chandrasekhar has also issued his statement to the media through his lawyer expressing his displeasure over the pictures of him and the actor being circulated.

Jacqueline Fernandez Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar Alleged Relationship:

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is accused in the Rs 200 crore extortion case in which Jacqueline Fernandez’s name has also come up. The actor was called by the Enforcement Directorate for questioning in the case. In the alleged letter addressed to the medua Sukesh Chandrasekhar claimed that the circulation of the private pictures of him and the actor is a breach of privacy. The accused also wrote that he was in a relationship with the actor and the gifts he gave her were out of love.

Chandrasekhar wrote, “It’s really sad and disturbing to see private pictures being circulated, which I have got to know through news the whole of last week. It’s a complete violation of one’s privacy and personal space. As I have mentioned before I and Jacqueline were in a relationship. Seeing each other and the relationship was not based on any kind of monetary benefits like the way its projected, commented and trolled in a bad light. ” He wrote that the relationship has a lot of love and respect for each other and requested everyone to stop projecting Fernandez in a bad way. He also wrote that the recent incidents have not been easy for Fernandez “who has only loved without expecting anything”.

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He added, “I have gifted her things and done things for her family, are normal things one would do for his loved one in a relationship. Its personal I don’t understand why its being bade such a big deal. At the same time, I would like to again certain that none of this was “proceedings of so called crime”. It’s all from legitimate earnings and the same would be proved in the court of law very soon.”

As per reports, the actor and Chandrasekhar spent a couple days together in a hotel in Chennai when Chandrasekhar was out on bail. Fernandez has so far denied being in a relationship with Chandrasekhar and has also claimed to be a victim in the extortion case. The ED in their chargesheet had mentioned that Chandrsekhar gave gifts worth Rs 10 crore to the actor between January to June 2021. The ED has also banned Fernandez from travelling abroad.

Fernandez in her statement from earlier had written, “I’m currently going through a rough patch but I’m sure that my friends and my fans will see me through. It is with this trust that I would request my media friends to not circulate images of a nature that intrude my privacy and personal space.”