How Dangerous Is Yellow Fungus? What We Know So Far: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

After black and white fungi, what is the new yellow fungus afflicting COVID-19 affected patients? Find out what doctors are saying.

Tanvi Akhauri
May 24, 2021 15:04 IST
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Fears surrounding yellow fungus have gripped Indians after reports from Uttar Pradesh, where such a case was observed, raised the alarm Monday. A 45-year-old male reportedly contracted the infection after recovering from COVID-19 at a hospital in Ghaziabad.


ENT specialist Dr BP Tyagi was quoted saying the Ghaziabad patient's "sinus was normal in CT scan but after performing endoscopy we came to know that he contracted three types of fungi (black, white and yellow). Yellow fungus is generally found in reptiles. I found this first time in human."

Doctors have warned about the fatal dangers of yellow fungus being far more severe than black and white fungal infections, which are on the rise, since this variant begins the damage internally and external symptoms take time to reflect.

What Exactly Is Yellow Fungus?


Reports so far suggest it is an infection that directly affects internal body functions, by way of pus leakage, prolonged healing of any wounds, organ failure, malnutrition, necrosis (death of cells).

The fungus reportedly thrives in unhygienic, humid, poorly sanitised environments.

Dr Randeep Guleria of AIIMS has, however, warned against naming infections basis their colour in the event that it will create "confusion" among people. "In general, the types of fungus that we are mostly seeing are Mucormycosis, Candida and Aspergillosis," he said Monday at a government briefing.


What Are The Symptoms?

  • lethargy
  • weight loss, appetite loss
  • organ failure
  • sunken eyes
  • unusual swelling

Precautions And Treatment:


Though treatment for post-COVID fungi is still being researched, doctors have advised keeping houses and hospitals clean and sanitised, with ample air circulation to avoid humidity or suspension of particles.

"It is very important to clean out the enclosure around the house, keep it as clean as possible, and remove old food, fecal matter etc as soon as possible to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus," Dr Tyagi was quoted saying by ANI.

He added that at present Amphoteracin B, an anti-fungal injection, is believed to be the only effective counter to yellow fungus. Those exhibiting any aforementioned symptoms have also been advised to seek immediate medical intervention to avoid further progress of the fungus.

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