Is Tesla CEO Elon Musk Transphobic ?


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently tweeted a photo in which a British Red Coat had “Love to oppress” written on his hat and the caption said, “when you put He/Him in ur bio”. He later tweeted that he supports Trans people but these pronouns are an “esthetic nightmare”.

This threw netizens on Twitter in a bit of frenzy as they called him out for being transphobic. In another tweet clarifying that he is actually not transphobic, the CEO linked a tweet by the official handle of Tesla which said, ” Very proud to have scored 100/100 for the fourth year in a row in LGBTQ equality. Thanks to everyone at Tesla for making LGBTQ inclusion an important part of our culture”.

One Twitter user made another meme on the same British Red Coat template and called Musk out on allegedly forcing his employees to work during the pandemic.

Another user wrote, ” I see, Elon. When people you don’t know at all express solidarity with other people you don’t know at all in a way that doesn’t affect you in the slightest, that’s a big problem to you, is it?”

Netizens also took a jibe at him for calling pronouns “esthetic nightmare” and still naming his child a gender-neutral name.

Some users also questioned his insensitivity. One of them wrote, ” This is the kinda stuff that happens when someone becomes so rich no one is willing to tell them they’ve lost their goddamn mind”

If only Elon Musk knew the importance of using pronouns. If he ever comes across this article we would like to quote the UC Davis website which tells that using pronouns prevents people from misgendering individuals. It is the one thing an individual can do to make others respect their gender identity. To quote exactly, the website says, ” ..mistaking their pronouns mistakes their gender. Therefore, it’s important to respect pronouns as it validates a person’s identity. Misgendering is when someone’s pronouns are not respected, which can be an act of violence. Disrespecting a transgender person’s pronouns could threaten their safety and jeopardize their security”.

Well, there are other sources too but let Musk start with something at least.