Mahsa Amini Death: Why Are Iranian Women Burning Hijab And Chopping Hair?

Iran Women Burns Hijab Cuts Hair
The death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman triggered widespread protests. Protestors are reportedly chopping their hair, burning down the hijab, and dressing up as men to oppose the moral policing of police and the system. 

On social media, videos of Iranian women cutting their hair and burning their hijabs are spreading amid growing outrage. Iranian protesters also took to the streets with antigovernmental slogans at a gathering in Saqez, Amini’s hometown. The crowd came from nearing cities in Kurdistan province. The protestors raised slogans like Death to the dictator – a reference to Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, while some women threw their headscarves. 

Videos shared on social media also showed protesters assembling near the University of Tehran. The crowd raised slogans like Woman, Life, Freedom, watch the video here.  

Thousands of Iranian women staged protest rallies in the capital on weekend. Police fired tear gas shells to resist the protest. In a video, amid the conflict, a man was injured straight on the head. An injury was caused by birdshot said someone in the video, which could not be authenticated by source media.

Iran Women Burns Hijab Cuts Hair In Protest

The death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman in the custody of morality police has forced women to take to the streets in protest and put a spotlight on their repression. 

Mahsa Amini died on 16 September, Friday after being detained by the police unit liable for enforcing the Islamic republic’s strict dress code for women. Reports say that she fell into a coma post-arrest in Tehran. Media reports stated a heart attack as a reason after being detained by the morality police.

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According to the BBC report, Mahsa Amini was thrashed by police when they detained her in the police van. However, Police have denied the allegations, saying Amini had “suddenly suffered a heart problem”. Amini’s family claimed their daughter was perfectly healthy.

Amini’s death erupted the protest, but seeds of distress were already sown due to growing reports of repressive acts against women. Women, who did not follow the Islamic dress code were reportedly restricted from entering government offices and banks. They were also forbidden from appearing in advertisements.

What is the dress code restrictions?

Women over the age of seven have to strictly cover their hair and wear long, loose-fitting clothes as per Iran’s sharia law. President Ebrahim Raisi passed an order on July 5, to enforce the hijab law, which carved a new list of restrictions on how women can dress. 

If not followed, women have to face public rebuke, fines, or arrest. Activists have recommended women remove covers despite the hardline rulers’ crackdown.