From France To Afghanistan: Iran Protests Against Mahsa Amini’s Death Spread

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Iran saw widespread protests across the country and in its capital after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in the custody of the morality police. Violent crackdowns against the protests took the lives of protestors and led to the imprisonment of demonstrators, activists, and journalists.

While Iranian women took to the streets to protest the strict hijab laws that led to Amini’s detention and death, protestors in cities around the world showed their support for the moment.

The Iran protests have spread globally and protestors have taken to the streets in their nation to hold signs and protest against Amini’s death.

Iran Protests Spread Globally

United States Of America

On September 30, students and faculty of Harvard University gathered at the campus and chanted slogans in two languages, “Jin Jiyan Azadi” and “Women, life, freedom”.

Around 100 students gathered at Harvard Yard and protested against the death of Amini.

Speaking with CBS Boston, Tarina Ahuja described it as their “duty and obligation” to stand in solidarity with Iranians and uplift them. She added it was imperative “to make sure their voices are ringing so loud because they’re putting their bodies on the line”.

Protests also took place in Farragut Square, Washington DC, United States of America. A candlelight vigil was held in front of the White house in support of the anti-government protestors in Iran on Saturday, October 1.


On September 29, in Kabul, Afghanistan, around 30 women in headscarves protested outside the Iranian embassy chanting, “Women, life, freedom”. Reportedly, Taliban security forces dispersed the protestors with force, tore banners, and fired into the air.

The banners read, “Iran has risen. Now it’s our turn!” and “From Kabul to Iran say no to dictatorship!”


Thousands took to the streets in Paris, France to show their support and solidarity for Iranian protestors. Several female demonstrators followed in the footsteps of Iranian demonstrators and cut off their hair and tossed them into the air.

The protestors in Paris repeated the chant of “Women, life, liberty”.

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