Iran Bodybuilder Arrested Over ‘Unislamic’ Pictures

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An Iranian bodybuilder has been arrested for posting allegedly ‘nude’ pictures on social media, according to the judiciary news agency. “One of the female bodybuilders who recently published 'nude' photographs on social networks has been arrested,” the agency said, as reported by Indian Express.


The woman has been implicated for violating the law of nudity which is very serious in the Islamic Republic. And she was thrown in prison because she was not able to arrange the bail money of two million rials (£50), according to the Mizanonline news agency.

The woman's identity has not been revealed, but there is speculation that it is one of the two women who participated in an international competition. They were also warned once in September against posting selfies online after the competition.

One of the bodybuilders, Shirin Nobahari, has been constantly posting pictures of her biceps, clothing, bare arm etc on Instagram which may have instigated this arrest.

In Iran, even a woman not covering her head with a Hijab or showing her arm, leg or any body part apart from her face in public can be considered nude.


The Iran government has allowed its women to take part in international competitions and tournament only if they are ready to follow strict Islamic rules on clothing at all times. Even the female swimmers have to wear full bodysuits and football players have to wear track pants and full-sleeved T-shirts.

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The Iranian judiciary has also arrested women sports fans for watching men’s sports tournaments in the past. Women in Iran are banned from watching football matches, including the team's games of their own country.

Iran’s gender bias is shown through such incidents where only women have to follow a great deal of rules and regulations as the onus of dignity and Islamic society’s respect falls on their shoulders.

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