Iran: 'Ugly' and People with Skin Aberrations Can't be Teachers

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Iran: 'Ugly' and People with Skin Aberrations Can't be Teachers

When a country’s educational system should only be focusing on talent and hiring subject-experts to teach, Iran's education department has taken a step backwards. Instead of employing skilled faculty, it has imposed a new restriction which lists a series of skin aberrations and illnesses. A rule has come in place, that can stop Iranian men and women with facial hair, acne, moles, eczema, or are cross-eyed from being a teacher, all in the name of meeting strict aesthetic and health standards.



The Dept. has announced a list of 'ugly' teachers with skin abnormality and prevented them from entering into teaching classes.


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The Restrictions

They have not only ruled out teachers with abnormal skin, but also the one's suffering from illnesses such as fungal infections, infertility, cancer, bladder stones, or colour blindness. Also, teachers with fewer than 20 teeth or with a fungal infection will are prohibited, according to Mail Online.

The news agency, FARS, stated that teachers are either busy campaigning against the list submitted, holding protests or opt to undergo medical treatments than focusing on their training. Still, the silver lining for these women is that they are allowed to "teach", but with a scarf covering their hair.


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How Social Media Reacting

Twitteratis have set ablaze since the news spread. They are calling out this rule as a violation of human rights. People are calling it derogatory  and if implemented entirety, could destroy the real meaning of education and system.

Some are even giving real life example in protest of such humiliating rule.

Some said that the rule if implied, would restrict Stephen Hawking from teaching students in Iran.

After the online outrage, sources said that the Iranian President would be conducting an investigation on the subject.


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