Involving Boys In Menstruation Talks Vital To Break Taboo: Manish Sisodia

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While social media activism has led us to spread awareness about menstruation, there is still some time till we can normally talk about it in front of men in the family or outside. And Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, on Monday rightly picked the right nerve of the issue and gave a call to involve boys in menstruation discussions to increase sensitivity towards it. He was speaking at the inaugural edition of National Menstrual Conclave.

“The schools have become places within four walls where kids consume education. But, schools can play an important role in normalising issues that have become taboos over the years. It shows our lack of communication that a simple bodily function has become a taboo. Boys, more than girls, need to be taught about it. So the girls and women can find a support system around them and not feel alienated,” Sisodia said, as reported by NDTV.

He claimed that the education system can bring about a sea change in spreading awareness around the issue.

He highlighted that desperate need to eradicate the taboo and that can only happen with a complete makeover of the school system and social mindset.

The conclave, organised by Delhi-based NGO Sachhi Saheli in association with Aakar and Something Creative, focuses on eliminating taboos attached with menstrual health and hygiene among boys and girls.

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Surbhi Singh, founder of Sachhi Saheli, also echoed Sisodia’s views and observed that so many myths surround menstruation and that needs to be busted. She said it needs to come out of the closet.

“We want that discussion about menstruation should come out from the confines of closed doors to the open and people can talk about it comfortably.”

“We want all myths and taboos surrounding menstruation to be busted, but in a scientific way. We need to explain with logic the relevance of certain ancient practices associated with menstruation. Every girl should be able to face it with confidence, not shame,” Singh said.

International and national NGOs and organisations like Aga Khan Development Network, WaterAid, Goonj, and WASH-United India also took part in the inaugural ceremony.

Picture credit- World Pulse

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