Internet Gives Mixed Reactions To Gal Gadot’s Tweet On Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Gal Gadot’s Tweet: Gal Gadot who is from Israel tweeted about the ongoing event in the country. The tweet received praise and hate at the same time.

Gal Gadot known for her role as the Wonder Woman tweeted out her response to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. She said that the ongoing events break her heart. The actor further said that her country (Israel) is at war. She also added that she is worried about her family, friends and the people of the country. Gal Gadot also called it a vicious cycle that is going on for too long.

The actor then wrote that Israel deserves to live and a free and safe nation. She wrote prayers for better days. The actor also wrote that she prays so that the leaders of Israel find a solution so they could live in peace.

This tweet received severe criticism on Twitter after which, Gal Gadot disabled the comments on the tweet. Many Twitteratis retweeted her tweet. They criticised her for supporting Israel.

On the other hand, Gal Gadot was supported by some notable figures. US politician Ted Cruz praised Gadot for her remarks and retweeted her tweet. He wrote, “God Bless Gal Gadot.”

Aside from the Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot, others too shared their thoughts on the Middle Eastern conflicts. Bella Hadid wrote through Instagram, “Future generations will look back in disbelief and wonder how we allowed the Palestinian suffering to continue for so long.” Bella Hadid’s father is a Palestinian.

Hadid also said that the politicians stutter neutral words in fear of being reprimanded, whilst the world remains silent to avoid offending the wrong people. She called the Israeli–Palestinian conflict a human tragedy unfolding right in front of our eyes.