Intel is the latest amongst the companies that have pledged to prioritize fixing their diversity data in 2015. Before the dominoes fall on this IT giant, it decided to take this initiative themselves, by throwing in a sum of $ 300 Million towards “Diversity in Technology”- that aims at achieving “full representation of women and under-represented minorities” by 2020.

In an article by Gamerspot- Intel said “Full representation means Intel’s U.S. workforce will be more representative of the talent available in America, including more balanced representation in senior leadership positions.”

The way they intend to achieve this noble goal is by creating a pipeline for women and other minorities, and pulling from the funds toward better policies of hiring and retention in gaming and technology.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is enthusiastic and urges his peers to follow suite. “We’re calling on our industry to again make the seemingly impossible possible by making a commitment to real change and clarity in our goals. Without a workforce that more closely mirrors the population, we are missing opportunities, including not understanding and designing for our own customers,” he said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where they flagged this off.

Intel realizes that to increase the reach of their initiative, they need collaborations across the spectrum. They plan to “deepen their engagement” with educational institutions and other engineering programs, especially the ones that cater to minorities.

Coming together with Intel are a number of other organizations- like the International Game Developers Association, the E-Sports League, the National Center for Women in Technology, the CyberSmile Foundation, Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency, and Rainbow PUSH.

Associations could be traced to Intel in Gamersgate too, last year. In a statement, they cited the reason for their efforts as the “recent confluence of events related to women and under-represented minorities.”


[Feature Picture Courtesy: CNBC]