Are Instagram Influencers Teaching Deceptive Tactics Crossing Ethical Lines?

An Instagram influencer is teaching in a video how to trick rich men in clubs into paying bills, which has received mixed reactions. Some are calling it a disgusting way to dupe men, while others are ignoring it as a joke.

Rudrani Gupta
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Image Credit: Priyanka Tyagi Instagram

Image Credit: Priyanka Tyagi Instagram

In today's day and age, influencers play a pivotal role in shaping trends and influencing opinions. Recently, a video posted by Instagram user Priyanka Tyagi has ignited a heated debate on the platform. The skit, seemingly portraying a tutorial on 'how to trick rich men in a club,' has sparked mixed reactions.


A crucial aspect of this debate revolves around the intent behind Tyagi's content. Some argue that it's merely a part of her repertoire of funny reels with no malicious undertones. Others find it offensive, emphasizing the importance of considering how such content might be perceived if the roles were reversed. 

The Viral Skit

Priyanka Tyagi, with a substantial following of 1 million on Instagram, shared a video that quickly gained traction. The controversial content, accompanied by a caption translated from Hindi, raised eyebrows and stirred the online community. The video has so far received 2,500 likes and around five lakh views. She posted the video with the caption, "How to trick rich men in a club."

In the video, Tyagi can be seen narrating ways in which a woman can trick a man into paying her bills. It starts with choosing a posh club, setting the 'target' by going close to him, ignoring him, spraying perfume on him, etc. Lastly, she ends the video by saying that such men are good for paying bills and not for falling in love.


Why did the X user condemn Tyagi?

As the video circulated, reactions varied widely. Some viewers expressed offense, labeling the content as 'disgusting' and questioning its appropriateness. On the other hand, a contrasting viewpoint emerged, with individuals dismissing it as a comedic reel not to be taken seriously.

Ruchi Kokcha, resharing the video, emphasized the potential gender bias in societal reactions, pointing out the lack of legal provisions for similar actions if the genders were reversed.

She shared the video with the caption, "This is Priyanka Tyagi, a social media influencer with 1 million followers on Instagram. She is giving a tutorial on how to trick a guy into falling for you just to pay your bills. The reel has 4.3 million views." She further added, "Imagine the outrage if a guy talks about doing this kind of thing. Our law has so many provisions for women who can slap numerous cases on a man who tries to do such a thing, but none for such women who dupe men off their money by giving them false relationship hopes. Time for equal laws?”


Legal and Social Implications

Kokcha's perspective raises a pertinent question about the existing legal framework and societal norms. While the skit is presented as a humorous take, it brings to light the absence of specific legal consequences for actions that could be deemed exploitative, regardless of the perpetrator's gender. This prompts a broader conversation about the need for equal legal measures to address such situations.

Comedy or Cause for Concern?

Her post has received multiple types of reactions. While some are praising her for speaking up, others are of the view that she has taken things too seriously.


One of the X users said, "This is a comedy reel; you took it too seriously." While another backed it by saying, "This is a silly reel. Observe the voice pitch and body language." However, Kokcha replied to the previous user's comment by saying, "Reverse the gender and see how much of it is seen as comedy."

One user indicated the profile of the influencer and said, "Her bio doesn't say she's an influencer, and she just makes funny reels with her guy; this is one of them. We might not find it funny, but that seems to be the intent."

Another praised Kokcha for taking up a stand. The X user wrote, "Thanks for speaking up."


As netizens continue to share diverse opinions, the debate serves as a reflection on the challenges of navigating the fine line between entertainment and responsible content creation.

What do you think? Is it really just a joke to consider men as bill-paying machines?

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