Inspiring:13 years after she was sexually abused, she put her attacker behind bars

13 years after she was sexually abused, a woman from Texas in US became a cop and put her attacker behind bars

Ria Das
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Here is a story of real courage. A Texas woman who was sexually abusedĀ at the age of 8, finally put her molester behind bars at the age of 27. The woman did not think of herself as a victim, became a Police Officer, and secretly recordedĀ the man'sĀ confession and now the accused is in jail. She brought her molester to justice 13 years later.


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Reports by Daily MailĀ say that the perpetrator of the crimeĀ Erlis Joseph Chaisson, 47,Ā  is a family member of the victim and from the age of 8, he molested her over the course of a four-year periodĀ during the mid-90s. In September 2014, the woman plotted a fake meeting with the accused and recorded Chaisson's confession that he had molested herĀ six times when she was a child.Ā She then reported the crime to McLennan County Sheriff's office detective Brad Bond. During the case hearing ,Ā the recording was played.

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Chaisson was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency in Texas in August this year. Additionally, he will suffer a life sentence and two separate seven year sentences for the indecency convictions, and will not be eligible for parole for 42 years, The Independent reports.

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The accused, Chaisson had already once been captured for molesting another 8-year-old girl a few years back, andĀ for that he was sentencedĀ to life in prison, in addition to two seven-year sentences in a trial last month, reported theĀ Waco Tribune-Herald.


We salute the courage of the woman and believe that itā€™s her police training that helped her report and catch the man. A good example for Indian readers.

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