Inspiring women entrepreneurs in Pune: Facebook’s ‘Boost Your Business’ program

Women Entrepreneurs in India

Facebook’s Boost Your Business program in collaboration with SheThePeople.TV got together nearly 200 women entrepreneurs across the city. The aim of this workshop was to provide women entrepreneurs with new digital resources, insights and inspiration to build and grow their businesses online. [Register Here For The Next One]

The Boost Your Business program is designed to arm Indian businesses with the knowledge, skills and technology that is required to stay innovative, connect with customers at home and increase market access across the globe for their products and services. The program has travelled across 10 cities, 5 states where more than 4,000 small businesses, of which 1200 women entrepreneurs were successfully trained.

“SME’s are the growth engine of the Indian economy and Facebook is the bridge to the new mobile economy for SMEs, women entrepreneurs in particular have a huge role to play in advancing this growth” said, Ritesh Mehta, Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Facebook India. “Through the ‘Boost Your Business’ program we hope to empower women entrepreneurs and demonstrate the power of digital opportunity for small businesses in Pune.” he added.

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Shaili Chopra, Founder of SheThePeople.TV said “India’s startup ecosystem and the many opportunities to work from home have given women a big reason to put their creativity at work, start or restart their career and take entrepreneurship head on. As India’s biggest media platform for women, we are seeing the needle shift – women are embracing digital in a big way and exploring the new opportunities entrepreneurship offers the new age.”

Boost Your Business Pune from SHE THE PEOPLE on Vimeo.

During the event in Pune, women entrepreneurs had opportunities to meet one another to exchange their experiences of managing and marketing their businesses and hear from a panel of women entrepreneurs how they went about starting their businesses.

The audience at Boost your business

It was a packed hall at the Boost your business event in Pune

The team of experts from Facebook also organised hands-on training sessions for the attendees to cover a mélange of topics like how to effectively use mobile; create engaging content, leverage the power of social media to grow their business through social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

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Speaking at the event, Seemantini, a Pune based entrepreneur and co-founder of Coppre, an online store for handcrafted metal ware and unique gift items stated that “In 2012, we started Coppre for the love of metal, an eye for design and a vision to empower craftsmen in India by marrying ancient tradition with modern design nuances. Facebook has helped us create brand awareness, drive sales by reaching the right audience and has provided a great platform to showcase the heritage craft and the skills repertoire of our artisans to people the world over.”

India Fact Sheet

⦁ India is the second biggest country on Facebook globally
⦁ 148 million monthly active people on Facebook in India – 95% on these people access Facebook on the mobile
⦁ Globally, over 50 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have pages on Facebook
⦁ 2 million SMB Pages on Facebook in India
⦁ 57% of people on Facebook in India are connected to at least one small business
⦁ +1.99 billion interactions generated between businesses and people in India
⦁ 2 million SMB Pages on Facebook in India as of October 2015
⦁ Number of new women-owned SMB pages on Facebook in India has increased approximately six-fold in the last four years (between 2012 and 2015). These pages help women entrepreneurs increase the ambit of their customer base

Boost Your Business Chandigarh

Boost Your Business Chandigarh