Inspiring: 75-year-old woman nabs chain snatcher in Bengaluru

Chain snatching incidents

A 75-year-old woman from Bengaluru demonstrated some extraordinary strength which we all can learn from. G Radhamma who is a resident of fifth main in Katriguppe, managed to not only nab a chain snatcher alone, but with the help of some people at the hospital she was visiting, made sure the culprit was put behind bars.

Radhamma visited KIMS for some medical tests on Monday when the incident took place. After a check-up, when she headed towards the medical store, she noticed that a woman started following her. Since there were too many patients inside the hospital premises, she didn’t pay much attention. But when she almost reached the store, the woman held Radhamma’s gold chain from behind and started tugging it.

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The woman was having hard time initially in trying to snatch the gold chain from Radhamma’s grip but somehow she managed to pull it from her neck. Radhamma immediately caught her and raised an alarm. Seeing the crowd around her, the chain snatcher then got frightened and tried to run out from the place. However, Radhamma with her full energy launched into a chase, screaming and alerting dozens of people who helped nab the chain snatcher and contacted the police.

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The additional commissioner of police (crime) KV Sharath Chandra said to Bangalore Mirror, “Ranjani, the accused, is not cooperating with the investigation. So far, she has only told us her name but we have not been able to verify if it is true. The local police are investigating her past, her family members and associates, and checking to see if she had a criminal history, but she is not spilling the beans. We have taken her into police custody for further investigation.”
Chandra added, “The woman carried a lethal weapon (blade) with the intention of attacking people and robbing them of valuables. At present, she has been arrested for robbery under IPC section 392, we will impose IPC section 398 against her.”

So the next time someone tries petty theft with you, be sure to fight back. After all, if a 75-year-old can do it, so can you!

Feature Image Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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