Ghaziabad Influencer Fined Rs 17,000 For Filming Reels On Highway

Influencer fined for filming on highway
A social media influencer from Ghaziabad has been fined for shooting an Instagram Reel on a highway while stopping her car. The video garnered lots of views and thus came to the notice of the police in the locality which led to her being fined for an amount of rupees 17,000.

Instagram reels are a raging trend and people are going above and beyond to get viral and famous. And the shortcut to being famous is doing unusual things on camera. This woman has a following of over 653 thousand on her Instagram and thought of shooting a video in the middle of an open highway.

Influencer Fined For Filming On Highway

Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail has been sharing reels on Instagram for quite some time now and in her latest reel, she can be seen wearing black clothes and walking around, tying her hair and even blowing a kiss in front of her red car and they are situated on an open highway. The video currently has 180 thousand views and 14 thousand likes on it. After posting the reel two days back, it circulated through social media and caught the attention of Ghaziabad police. People on the internet were pointing out that interfering with the traffic to shoot a reel is not correct behaviour and she must be held accountable for it.

Yesterday, the official Twitter account of Police Commisssionerate Ghaziabad posted a tweet captioned, “Charges have been registered at Thana Sahibabad in relation to the viral video on social media by a girl making a reel on the elevated road under Thana Sahibabad area. Advance legal action is being taken. The said car has been challaned by the traffic police for Rs 17,000 – ACP Sahibabad”. A lady police officer can be seen speaking about the matter on the video shared with the tweet along with a copy of the chargesheet against the influencer.

One concerning fact about this tweet is that in the document that has been shared contains the residential address of the woman and keeping in mind the endless crimes against women in the country, putting out such sensitive information was irresponsible on the part of the police department. Many have pointed it out and mentioned that the step they have taken is great but asked for the information to be redacted for her safety.

The netizens have applauded the police of Ghaziabad for taking such steps. Some replied to the tweet saying, “Good decision”. While another person pointed out that this might benefit the influencer to gain more popularity, he said, “All this will make her more popular and will lead to more subscribers and traffic to her account. She will make more money than 17k after this.” This is partly true as the influencer can be seen resharing all the Instagram stories and news reports about her fine on her own Instagram account which makes one wonder if this was at all helpful.

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