Ebola cases that were first just reported in a few African countries have now become a global phenomenon. Till now, two cases in the U.S. have been reported and people all across the globe are terrified as the disease can be fatal.


In circumstances like these a few women from the Indian paramilitary are currently working in Liberia- one of the top Ebola-hit countries in the world. These women are a part of the police unit of the CRPF and are posted in Liberia to be a part of peace-keeping activities. These activities include restoring law and order, training personnel and taking care of the security of the president.


As part of the United Nations’s Mission, the eight female unit was sent by India in February this year and will return in February next year after the mission is over, as the policy states. A CRPF official told DNA, that the women will continue to serve and will not be recalled till their mission completed.


The official also said, “We will take necessary steps to ensure their safety, and will scan them before they are brought back to the country.” According to the report, he declined to comment on whether the women had been exposed to the disease.


[Picture Courtesy: CRPF]

The batches of women are sent to Liberia annually and are required to leave behind families and children to be a part of the mission. CRPF however, does not send new mothers. The current members of the mission are responsible for the security of the Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Monrovia.


Annie Abraham, DIG (Intelligence), the woman who led the first mission to Liberia in 2007, told DNA, “Our girls would patrol dark alleys in the nights, teach women about hygiene and safety, and ensure that the men do not harm their women… With their AK-47s and carbines, they were a force to reckon with.” These women are also deputed during riots and on nighttime patrolling. To get selected, women have to go through vigorous and specialized training routine of almost seven weeks.