Indian women earn 27% less than men, says study

Most people believe that wage-gap is not an issue in India- how we wish this was true! A recent survey by recruitment firm Monster India, states that the median wage earned by women is 27% lower than what men make in the country. The survey that had 35,959 respondents across age groups, industries and organisational hierarchies, confirmed that gender based wage-gap is highly prevalent in India.


According to a report by The Economic Times, The gender pay gap is not uniform across sectors. In the IT sector, women earn around 34% less while the difference is only 19% in the finance sector. Commenting on this, the report said, “While we have seen a great increase in the number of women in supervisory positions, this does not reflect in the salary that those women are receiving.”


The report also revealed that employees in the education sector have the lowest hourly salary-₹186.50 per hour. One of the reasons for this can also be the high percentage of women in the sector. A similar study conducted in the US, UK, Spain and Germany revealed that female employees in the education & research earn 33% lesser than their male colleagues.


[Featured Picture Courtesy: PBS]