Indian Woman’s FB Post On Arranged Marriage Goes Viral

Nazreen Fazal Facebook post on arrange marriage

Dear Women, what research have you done before getting married the arranged way? I’m sure you did your bit, right? But did you share your experience with others, about how important it could be? NO!!

An Indian woman, Nazreen Fazal, who is an alumni of the London School of Economics and University of Nottingham, shared her personal insight into arranged marriage through a Facebook post that advises people to choose their life partners independently and carefully, and thus the example she put forth — her own happy marriage tale has become a social media hit with it being shared over 2,400 times!

In India, the process of arranged marriage more or less remains the way it used to be years ago. The families fix the match but that doesn’t mean you remain blind and nod to whatever your parents say. Nazreen (24) met a guy in the same manner but she decided to challenge this norm and now lives happily with her husband in Saudi Arabia.

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Nazreen wrote on Saturday exactly how she went about the marriage. She shared that after their first meet, they exchanged around 80 e-mails within a week and it also took them “two months, Skype calls, and a meeting” to decide to spend their lives together.

Here goes Nazreen’s Facebook post:

Nazreen Fazal Facebook post on arrange marriage (Pic credit: Facebook)Nazreen Fazal Facebook post on arrange marriage (Pic credit: Facebook)Nazreen Fazal Facebook post on arrange marriage (Pic credit: Facebook)Nazreen Fazal Facebook post on arrange marriage (Pic credit: Facebook)

Now that’s called being non-traditional and sensible!!

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The inspiring post went viral as soon as it was shared, striking a major chord with other Facebook users.

They commented:

Nazreen FazalNazreen Fazal

This  is a story that needs to be told and re-told!

Feature Image Credit: Facebook

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