Mumbai woman files petition against war between India & Pakistan

Amidst the looming tension between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the Uri Attacks and surgical strikes, a woman from Mumbai has filed a petition asking both both India and Pakistan to not go to war. Puja Banta, 41 filed this petition won Change.org seeking support of people who believe war is a futile exercise.

“I, like most other citizens of India and Pakistan, am not an expert on the problem (it’s surely not as simple as the ownership of Kashmir); nor do I, as most other citizens of the two countries, know what the solution is. The only thing I know is what not the solution is. War is definitely not the solution. War never was or will be a solution to any problem. War is the problem. This is an urgent, heartfelt plea from the people of both the countries to the governments of both the countries to find a solution outside of war,” said her petition.

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Banta, who is originally from Himachal Pradesh, has been living in Mumbai for over a decade now. She works at a digital company in the Product and Business Development department.

Banta told SheThePeople.TV, “I felt that there are these scattered voices everywhere saying we don’t want war, I thought that they all need to come together in one place and be heard. So I was just looking for a place where everyone can be collated and together we can be heard.”

She added, “There was fear building up and it was also my own helplessness. I did not know what else I can do. So I just thought that this was the only way I could do something in a very small way and hope that it will lead to something.”

Banta wants millions of people to sign the petition. “It needs to get out there, it needs distribution and it needs to be seen by people.”

She also hopes that her petition will bring out the true sentimental emotion in the public. “I don’t know if the petition will prevent the war, but I do hope that sense will prevail.”

Her take on the recent attacks and follow up surgical strikes? “I am not an expert of politics or defence, perhaps it was needed, but there is no way I can express joy over it. Anytime when people die whether it is this side or that side, there is no way I can feel happy about it.”