Indian Nursing Body Condemns Sociology Textbook Citing Merits Of Dowry

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Book on merits of dowry system controversy: Textbook of Sociology for Nurses authored by TK Indrani went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The book features “merits of dowry” and has cited derogatory comments such as “ugly girls can be married off with an attractive dowry” and has also stated girls’ education as one of the advantages of the dowry system.

A picture from a textbook of sociology for nurses, went viral on the internet yesterday, March 5, 2022. This textbook for BSc second-year students authored by TK Indrani lists the “merits and advantages of the dowry system.” which has angered the Netizens. Many outraged on social media over the negative message being passed on in the name of education.

Nursing Body Condemns Textbook Citing Merits Of Dowry:

The Indian Nursing Council has distanced itself from the book and stated that it “strongly condemns any derogatory content which is against prevailing law of the land.” The national regulatory body for nurse education clarified that it “only prescribes syllabus for various nursing programs”. This notification was issued yesterday, March 4, 2022, against the textbook. The statement issued by the Indian Nursing council read-“Indian Nursing Council as a policy does not endorse any author or publication nor has allowed any author to use the name of Indian Nursing Council for their publications.”

The page from the Sociology textbook for Nurses which went viral on the internet authored by TK Indrani has listed the “merits and advantages” of the dowry system. The dowry system is a practice, usually from the bride’s family to the groom’s, as a way to be clear of the responsibility of a girl child. This is a deeply derogatory practice that involves, the transfer of goods, cash, or property, which stands for seeing a girl as a liability. Dowry system, is a punishable offense under Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code.

Citing the education for girls also as an advantage of the dowry system, the textbook stated- “Because of the burden of dowry, many parents have started educating their girls. When the girls are educated or even employed, the demand for dowry will be less. This is an indirect advantage.” Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi sought action against the contents of the books. In her letter to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, she stated “It is appalling how such derogatory and problematic texts remain in circulation. That a textbook elaborating the merits of dowry can actually exist in our curriculum is a shame for the nation and its Constitution.”

Glorifying Dowry: What are we feeding our kids masked in the name of Education?

It is appalling, that even today, such derogatory comments and messages can be passed off in the name of education. The book has gone on to receive a 4.5 rating on Amazon. It is deeply problematic how a book that glorifies dowry, a regressive practice that sees women as nothing but a liability, has been so widely received and reviewed. According to the author, young boys with high paid salaries are a scarce commodity and that dowry is an obligation of the bride’s family while finding a husband for their daughters.
The most heartbreaking part of it all is that, unfortunately, the statements stated in the textbook stand true in various scenarios. This is what is being fed to the students, especially girls, masked as education. With textbooks stating girls as a liability and boys as a high-priced prize, it doesn’t come as a shock that girls lack self-confidence and gives feeling of entitlement to young boys, or the parents of the groom. The dowry system has been banned and made illegal for a reason. Dowry sees women as an object that needs to be given away along with cash or commodity to men. With textbooks glorifying regressive practices instead of condemning and educating the students about the same, how will men and women ever be seen as equals in society?

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