Combat has been a male-dominated position since time immemorial. But now the Indian Army plans to allow women in combat positions. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that the process to include women in combat is moving on quickly and the new recruits will initially will be a part of the Military Police.

Army Chief while giving the details said, “I am looking at women coming as jawans. I am going to start it soon. Firstly, we will start with women as military police jawans.”

Currently, women are only allowed in some selected fields like medical, educational, legal, and engineering and signals but they are not allowed in combat roles because of logistics and operational concerns.

“We have already started the process,” General Rawat told to the PTI. He also said that women will be recruited as jawans and the matter is currently with the government. He wanted women to be very fit, strong and should have determination and strength to take up challenges in combat service.

Very few countries in the world have allowed women in combat positions, namely, Denmark, Australia, Germany, Britain, Finland, the US, Canada, Sweden, Norway, France and Israel.

As Military Police the women appointees will have to monitor the cantonments and army establishments, prevent a breach of rules by soldiers, maintain logistics and soldier movements during peace and war, supervise and control war prisoners and lend a helping hand to the Civil Police as and when required.

Last year the Indian Air Force inducted three women officers as fighter pilots and created a history. The government had decided to open fighter streams for women on an experimental basis. The three women Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh are now part of IAF’s fighter squadron.

The Indian Navy, on the other hand, is considering on having women on board the ships. At present, the Indian Navy allows women in segments like legal, naval architecture, logistics and engineering departments.

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