India needs to produce the next Google or Facebook: Arvind Gupta on Digital India

Arvind Gupta at young Makers Conclave

He was the brains behind the digital campaigns of BJP during the 2014 elections. Arvind Gupta, the IT head of BJP had a lot to share about  the digital revolution and innovation at the Young Makers Conclave in New Delhi.

“Start-Up India and Digital India have been a top priority movement in India today”, says Gupta, “There is a huge scope of innovation in our nation. There are start-ups that can create technologies better than the existing players and this competition is something that is driving change.”

Market and Mindsets are two pillars of the start up revolution that the government has backed completely, apart from Money and Mentorship. These 4 Ms make the start-up a revolution what it is today. Gupta says it’s great that more and more people are getting involved in this revolution. The government in fact has been a huge player as a consumer for these start-ups. He adds, “You have an idea? Come to the government!”

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Giving an example of MyGov.in, Gupta says it is the world’s biggest participating platform that calls for people from around the world for ideas and solutions. Innovation is taking place at a rapid pace in our nation. It leads to mistakes, sure, but it also shows a movement to another idea and therefore keeps people on their toes.

Mr. Arvind Gupta at Young Makers Conclave talking about the Digital Revolution in India

Arvind Gupta at Young Makers Conclave talking about the Digital Revolution in India

India is a country of frugal innovation, finding cheap, useful and innovative ways to get things done is something we can be the leader of, if I might say. We even have an apt word for this concept of working called jugaad. Most of you will nod your head while reading this and connect immediately.

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The digital revolution in the country has been tremendous for the nation. It has not come from the government in fact, but from the people, and administration is only helping these start ups grow further. However, Gupta does remind us that even though we are doing well in terms of innovations, we need the next Google, and the next Facebook to come from India itself.

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