India’s ‘Everest Twins’ In An Inspiring Move, Summit The Swiss Alps

The Everest Twins ,Bear Grylls
The Everest Twins: India’s mountaineering twin sisters, Tashi and Nungshi Malik, popularly known as the ‘Everest Twins’, recently competed in Switzerland’s 100% Women Peak Challenge. They represented India.

The twins had to summit two 4000 m peaks (13000 ft) in the Swiss Alps as part of the challenge, and they have successfully completed it. The women-only challenge was launched on International women’s day this year and encouraged the team participants to scale all the forty-eight 13,000 ft peaks in the Swiss Alps. In the challenge, the Maliks conquered Mount Breithorn (13,662 ft) and Allalinhorn (13,212 ft).

Nungshi Malik, in a statement, thanked Switzerland for inviting them to represent India and Indian women in the challenge. She talked about how they had always dreamt of scaling the peaks in the Swiss Alps, and how their experience did not disappoint. She said that Allinhorn was a lot more technical than Breithorn. They encountered strong wind and minus 5 degrees Celcius temperatures at the top of Allinhorn.

Tashi Malik talked about how, with their first time at the Swiss Alps, they noticed that the terrain is very different than what they have encountered in the Himalayas. She talked about the amazing adventure and the breathtaking visuals from the top of the mountains. Even she added how Breithorn was an easier climb. She said that the sheer beauty of the Swiss Alps and the joy of reaching the summit will inspire people to become seasonal mountaineers.

So far, over 400 women from all over the world have taken on this challenge, including both experienced mountaineers and those who have never climbed a 4000 m  peak before.

The Deputy Director of Switzerland Tourism, Ritu Sharma said that inviting Tashi and Nungshi Malik for the Peak Challenge was a move for uniting global travelers, especially women, and have them experience and discover all that Switzerland has to offer with its diverse landscapes. Finally, she added that they believe that there is no mountain a woman cannot scale, not in the world, nor in her life!

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