India Cheapest Place In World For Lipstick, Breast Implants

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Mexican e-commerce portal Linio.com has compared beauty prices in 50 countries, and found that the price of breast augmentation in India — which is at $1,650 or Rs 1.1. lakh — is the cheapest in the world. Breast augmentation in Switzerland is the most expensive, at $10,434.

The cost of a lipstick — which is at $14.36 (Rs 930) — is also cheap, and 80 times less than a lipstick in Venezuela which costs $1,100!

Venezuela’s beauty market is the most expensive in the world. Overall, India is the second cheapest market for beauty products and cosmetic procedures, Vietnam is the the cheapest

However, the cost of foundation and perfume is high in India. We pay more for perfume than the US does and we are the 41st most expensive country for foundation.

“From perfume to pedicures, people want to look and feel good. At Linio, we believe that a little pampering shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We hope this research inspires people to be smart with their money and use online marketplaces to their advantage,” says Andreas Mjelde,” CEO at Linio.

Despite all these cosmetics being cheap in India, the fact is that women still have to buy a lot of products that men don’t. Women, on an average, pay more for beauty and hygiene products than men do. Razors are among the most marked-up products, as women often pay more for the product just because it is a different colour — most often pink.

According to a study conducted by ASSOCHAM India, the market size of India’s beauty, cosmetic and grooming business will reach $20 billion by 2025.

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