Fitness is at the core of women leaders. From keeping them fit, eating right and reviving energy levels, it’s a must for anyone to attend to their body. Sometimes just thinking about those heavy weights which are difficult to pull off and those tedious exercises which are downright boring make the face go pale. That explains the huge demand for good trainers and fitness & nutrition instructors. Tripti Gupta has 13 years of experience and started Ipink in Bombay where she creates a food routine for those who want to get fit. We got a chance to talk to Tripti and here is the interview with her.


Why is it important for women to be fit?

With the increasing number of nuclear families, education & awareness and the need to be self-sufficient and successful, the concept of independent and working women is becoming extremely common. Gone are those days when women would only play the role of a caretaker or homemaker and men were the providers. Today, women can play the role of it all and juggle with far more responsibilities than men whether domestic or professional. Hence, the need to maintain good health and fitness levels is extremely essential to keep up with the high stress and demanding lifestyle in urban Mumbai. A balanced energizing dietary lifestyle with a stress-busting cum fat burning activity thrown in and further combined with ideal supplementation should be the recipe of every woman to maintain her health, beauty, fitness and youthful vigor.

Can fitness play a big role in success, why?

“It is health which is the first wealth”, wise words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi hold true for each and every person. Just like no amount of money can be enjoyed if you are in poor health, similarly, being a go-getter, an achiever and truly successful is almost impossible for anyone who is dealing with health hazards. Poor fitness affects energy, stamina, concentration power, memory, reduced efficiency and the overall functioning of the body which can be a huge hindrance to one’s growth.

What are the three most important exercises for women to stay fit without having to make a lot of time to work out?

Fat around the lower body, abdomen and stamina are the most common issues most women face. Hence, in a minimum of 20-minute workout, she could throw in

Warm up- 7 mins of cardio to begin the burn

1)      5 min squats and lunges (lower body)

2)      3 mins of pushups (upper body) and

3)      3 mins of abs

Finally, cool down in the last 2 mins and we are set to face the day ahead.

Tripti Gupta
Tripti Gupta

Tell us about your success story?

Passion, hard work, and dedication have been my only mantra to my success today. If you are passionate, your focus is unshakeable and there is only one direction you can move in i.e. growth. I strongly believe in the 2 magical words “Keep Going” then truly nothing can interfere with your success if you are determined.

What inspired you to become a nutrition specialist?

Being overweight myself as a child and as a teenager, I got health conscious much early in life. With a science background and the passion for acquiring a healthy and fit body, I decided to venture deeper into the subject and that’s when I chose health and Nutrition as my specialty. The joy of living in a healthy body and the deep satisfaction of spreading good health through my knowledge and expertise continue to be an integral of my inspiration in the noble field of Nutrition today.

As a single mom, what’s your advice to similar mothers?

A single mom has much more pressure on her shoulders as compared to the others who have a partner to share with. Playing the dual role of being a nurturing mother and a disciplinarian father, a homemaker as well as a provider, the one who would spoil you and yet at the same time correct you, requires immense patience and perseverance. The ability to manage your time, responsibilities and needs is the most critical role a single mother needs to play. Hence, taking care of her own health and fitness becomes of utmost importance. I strongly advise every single mom to take utmost care of her own health- physically, mentally and spiritually to be able to offer the delicate balance of love, patience and stability to her child, which he/she deserves to get.

How can Digital India empower women?

Digital media is growing manifold in every way towards connecting people today. It has helped in providing information, effective communication, spreading awareness and making one completely independent in terms of awareness. We are no longer dependent on the so-called knowledgeable male counterparts to give us information. We can simply Google our questions today or connect to any sources we wish to. Digital platform has brought independence, awareness and confidence in today’s women to face the world full of challenges fearlessly with her beautiful smile.