Another case of molestation has been reported from the garden city, this time from one of it’s busiest streets, HSR Layout.  On Friday evening, a 27-year-old was walking from the gym to her home, when she was allegedly eve-teased and molested by three unidentified goons on a bike. The woman, who works at a private tech firm, was accompanied by a friend when a group of youths on a bike grabbed her from behind.

“It happened so suddenly that I didn’t know how to react at first. We were on the road near the Sai Baba temple when the youths went past us on a bike and slowed down. They made some nasty comments and one of them grabbed me from behind. Even as I screamed in anger, they sped away laughing. My friend and I began chasing them and got to the next road, where we nearly caught up with them, but they escaped,” the woman told Bangalore Mirror.

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It is commendable that after this kind of harassment the woman decided to nab the molesters, even though they managed to flee. She also gathered some passers-by and managed to take a photograph of the licence plate of the bike (KA-03-JD-3594). The lady then went on to the HSR Layout police station and informed them about the incident.. Though it wasn’t until Tuesday that the FIR  was registered.

Incidents like these are being reported now on a regular basis in Bengaluru. Earlier this month, a private firm employee Pritha was walking down the street of the bus stop near Koramangala when a thief snatched her purse. This year on May, a 17-year-old girl was accosted by a half-naked man who was sitting in his car and passed nasty comments.

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Police officials have assured the lady that the convicts will be taken into custody soon. But that solves just this one case. Numerous other cases of molestation and harassment still remain and the city that until last year was knows as a safe city isn’t that safe any more.

Feature Image Credit: timesofindia

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