In A First, Kerala To Launch Public Registry Of Sex Offenders

All women teams to man buses in Kerala

The recent incident of abduction and sexual harassment of a leading Malayalam actress has triggered the Kerala government to launch a public registry of sex offenders in order to tackle crime against women in the state, reported The Hindu.

The first of its kind in the country, Kerala will offer a database to its public where all sex offenders’ names and details will be registered. And, anyone would be able to have the access to that domain, Governor P. Sathasivam said on Thursday.

The government move comes five days after the actress was abducted and molested by seven men in her car at a shooting site in Kochi. Following massive public outrage over the case that highlighted the lack of safety and security of women in the state, the Kerala government is taking this big initiative to maintain peace.

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While speaking on the subject on the opening day of the fourth session of the 14th Legislative Assembly, the Governor also promised to open an all-inclusive relief fund for victims of sex crimes.

“Though the Nirbhaya Cell under the Department of Social Justice has been functioning commendably in the state, Kerala lacked a comprehensive victim relief fund. Although some of the victims got some amount of money, the relief due to them for the damages they suffer are delayed due to this shortcoming,” Sathasivam said.

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“Government will set up a comprehensive victim relief fund to provide interim relief for victims of sex crimes, both children and adults,” he added.

Countries like the United States and Ireland have already adopted similar registries and now Kerala is following suit. Adding to that plan, also a separate department for women will be launched soon, which is almost in the final stage. All women police stations at taluk levels are on the cards too, he said.

The main reason of operating this registry is to keep a check on offenders’ activities and when such situation comes, the victims could easily identify molesters from the list. This would help the government to curb crime.

A welcome move like this would surely help keep a check on such crimes. “There will be a lady police officer in each panchayat. We created a women battalion last year. Now we will increase the number of women in the police force to 15 per cent.” said Sathasivam.

The Governor said, “My government will brook no travesty to their dignity (of women) and shall not pardon any action from anyone that is calculated to be an affront to women.”

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