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In A First For India, Set up by Thane Civic Body, Women Now Have A Period Room

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From protection to disinfection, nearly everything is easily forgotten when it comes to menstrual hygiene. However, with changing times more consciousness around menstrual health and menstrual issues and hygiene is spreading. Very gradually, change can be seen. One such effort is the ‘period room’ for women, made by the Thane Municipal Corporation. It is the first such initiative in India reported Zee 5.

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What is the move?

For the very first time, in collaboration with a non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has instituted a period room for women in the city toilet. Following a survey conducted in Thane slum areas covering about 1000 people, the idea was taken into practice.

The survey highlighted the challenges women from squatter settlements have to face during their menstruation.

The Period Room consists of higher water supply with Jetspray, mirror, dustbin with a bottom lid that saves any person from actually touching the soiled sanitary napkins, soap dispenser, hanging cloth hooks and urinal for warmth.

The study by Muse Foundation

It was observed, following the research study commissioned by the Muse Foundation, that it is exceedingly difficult for women in squatter settlements to manage their periods. The NGO thus suggested the need for a “period room”.

3.Comment by the Deputy Commissioner

“A survey has been conducted in Thane through 2019 to study women’s menstrual hygiene practices covering 1000 women in 15 slums in Thane. The primary findings of the survey revealed the heavy dependency of women in slums on community toilet and the problems they faced to manage menstruation due to lack of water, unsafe changing rooms, absence of disposal mechanism for soiled napkins,” said Manish Joshi, deputy commissioner, Thane Municipal Corporation.

There is a decoration on the bathroom wall to promote sanitation. In order to build knowledge, they already provide a list of important information about menstruation. Recycle Bin designed the rooms to address women facing sanitation problems during menstruation.

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