IAF’s first batch of female fighter pilots ready for second phase of training

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The first batch of female fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force who were commissioned earlier this year are all set to begin training on the Hawk Advanced Jet trainer at the Air Force Station (AFS), Bidar, north Karnataka.

After Flying Officers Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh’s basic first leg of training on Kiran and Pilatus aircraft flagged off successfully at the Air Force Academy (AFA), Dundigal, two months ago – the trio are now on course to train in flying supersonic aircrafts. Post a vacation since they passed AFA, the Officers reached Bidar late last month. Sources in the IAF said to TOI, “While they will initially train on the Hawk simulators, they will eventually fly the aircraft and will be trained in basic formations for combat flying.”

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After advancing their training in Bidar which would develop their abilities in basic formations for combat flying, the women will head off to the AFS in Kalaikunda, west Midnapore district in West Bengal, for further training. “The women will continue to fly Hawks there as well. But the level of training, in terms of the drills, mock operations, et al will differ,” the source added.

Bhawana, Avani and Mohana have no doubt become role models for many who aspire to join the forces. Although this move of induction of women in combat roles by IAF is experimental, but if the three do well, it will open up doors for many more women to do the same.

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