IAF's All-Women Crew Creates History, Flies A Medium Lift Helicopter

Anushika Srivastava
May 28, 2019 04:31 IST
Women Crew Helicopter India

In a first, three women officers of the Indian Air Force created history as they became the first ‘All Women Crew’ of India to fly a medium-lift helicopter. For battle inoculation training, they flew MI-17 V5 helicopter and hence became the first such women in Indian history, to do so.


According to an IAF Release, “ Flt Lt Parul Bharadwaj (Captain), Flying Officer Aman Nidhi (Co-Pilot) and Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal (Flight Engineer) have become country’s first All Women Crew to fly a medium-lift helicopter. They flew a Mi-17 V5helicopter for a battle inoculation Training Mission taking off and landing from restricted areas at a forward airbase in South Western Air command”. This is yet another achievement in the list of achievements of women in the Indian Air Force. Last week itself, Flt Lt. Bhawana Kanth became the first woman to qualify for the combat missions.

Flt Lt. Parul Bharadwaj is also the first woman to fly the Mi-17 V5 helicopter. She hails from Punjab’s Mukerian. Interestingly, Flying Officer Aman Nidhi is also the first woman IAF pilot from Jharkhand. She hails from Ranchi in Jharkhand. Moreover, Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal is also the first woman flight engineer of the Indian Air Force. She hails from Chandigarh.

The helicopter Mi-17 V5 was certified to be worthy of being taken into air by Squadron leader Richa Adhikari, the unit engineering officer. The woman pilots had undergone their basic flying training at the ‘Helicopter Training School’ at Airport Station Hakimpet. This was then followed by advanced training at airforce station Yelahanka. The helicopter took off and landed at the restricted areas at a forward airbase in South Western Air Command.

First Woman Flight Engineer Of IAF: Hina Jaiswal

Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal as inducted as the first woman flight engineer in the Indian Air Force in February. She successfully completed the course in 112 Helicopter Unit, Air Force Station Yelahanka. During the six months of hard training, she trained herself shoulder to shoulder with her male counterparts. During the course, she showed immense dedication and commitment. "Since childhood, she had aspired to don the soldier’s uniform and take on the skies as an aviator. Finally, her dreams have manifested into reality after successfully graduating from the alma mater of Heli-lift," IAF said.

Yet Another Achievement Of Women In Indian Air Force

The present time is proving to be of great importance to women as they are busy creating history in Indian Air Force. IAF started its attempt to make the air force more gender inclusive in 1993 when it started commissioning women in the officer cadre. Since then, IAF has seen a number of women-centric firsts. Last week, Flt Lt Bhawana Kanth became the first woman fighter pilot who is capable of undertaking any mission during the daytime. Kanth is currently deployed in Rajasthan along the Pakistan Border. Post Bhawana’s training Mohana Singh and Avni Chaturvedi will be trained to participate in any fighter missions later on. They were formally commissioned by defense minister Manohar Parikar. There are around 1500 women in Indian Air Force who are currently working in different categories of the IAF.

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