Wife Washes Laptop, Phone With Detergent, Miffed Husband Files For Divorce

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wife washes husband laptop: A 35-year-year old woman washed her husband’s laptop and phone with detergent. Besides that, she also kept her children and husband away from the house for 30 days to deep clean the house after death of her mother.

The husband got so irked by the wife’s obsession with cleanliness that he walked out on his wife. He reportedly said that she was always very particular about hygiene but her habits worsened after the COVID – 19 outbreak. The husband is asking for divorce after meditation efforts by police have been wasted.

They had got married in 2009. The husband is a software professional with an IT giant. The newly weds had been living in England. The woman, an MBA graduate, used to keep her home in London absolutely clean. However, after the birth of her first child, she started asking her husband to clean her shoes, clothes and cellphones every time he returned from work.

The couple opted for family counselling sessions and the situation improved. Their second child was born soon after. Things got nasty again during the pandemic when she started washing and sanitising everything she could including home appliances. She also started taking bath six times a day. Things got worst when she started asking her kids to wash their school uniforms, shoes and bags after they returned home.

The husband then took both the kids to his parents’ house. The woman, on the other hand, approached police. Counselling sessions post this didn’t help too as the woman is unwilling to accept that she is an extreme case of OCD.

The husband wants to seek a divorce. The wife, on the other hand, plans to lodge a complaint against him on grounds of harassment by terming her behaviour as abnormal.

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