Humanoid Robot Sophia To Have A Sibling Named Joyce

Created by Dr. David Hanson, the world’s first humanoid robot Sophia will now have a sibling named Joyce in partnership with Immervision.

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AI Humanoid Robot Sophia and Joyce: Created by Dr. David Hanson, the world’s first humanoid robot Sophia will now have a sibling named Joyce, created in partnership with Immervision.

The sibling of the world's first humanoid robot named Joyce is currently being built by the robotics company. News of Joyce being built is announced after five years since the world’s first humanoid robot, Sophia, has been unveiled to the world.

Sophia the bot was unveiled in 2016 and caused quite a stir in the world of Artificial Intelligence. She has citizenship of Saudi Arabia and is the first robot in the world to have legal ‘personhood’, which means that she has rights.

Working with a Canada-based Artificial Intelligence Company called Immervision, Hanson Robotics has announced that they have partnered up to design and develop Joyce’s body. The aim of their collaboration in creating Joyce is to, “further evolve machine perception to help deliver human-like vision and beyond."

According to the company, humanoid robots Sophia and Joyce will be termed siblings. Joyce’s body will be equipped with Immervision’s panomorphEYE-based visual cortex. The visual cortex will also have three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras. Joyce, the second humanoid robot will use data-in-picture technology and multiple sensors to provide data to its AI, neural network, and computer vision to increase visual perception.

Alan Paquin who is the head of the Joyce Project with Immervision talked about the significant role that artificial intelligence and machine perception will soon play in our daily lives. “AI-based machine perception will actually go beyond human vision as it doesn't have the same limitations," Paquin said.

Pascale Nini, the CEO of Immervision also praised Hanson Robotics and admired how advanced the robotics company is. She said, "Collaborating with David Hanson's talented team, we will integrate innovative third-party computer vision technologies into Joyce and enable exciting new use cases."

The date and timeline for the development or the launch of Joyce have not yet been given by Hanson Robotics or Immervision. But Alain Paquin said the company is preparing for it and noted that it would be available in "a few months". According to a report from Reuters, Hanson Robotics is also aiming to mass-produce robots by the end of the year.

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