Humanity Over Haj: Dadi Donates Haj Savings To Corona Relief Fund

Khalida Begum, an 87-year-old woman from Jammu and Kashmir, donated her savings 0f Rs. 5 lacs to Sewa Bharti Organisation for those coronavirus victims who are in need.

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Dadi Donates Haj Savings

Today, the entire world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic. People are forced to stay inside their houses and many are fighting death. It is in difficult times like these that humanity is put to test. Several people have lost their livelihood. To share their burden, many have come forward and made generous donations. Khalida Begum in Jammu and Kashmir is one such noble soul.  Khalida Begum, an 87-year-old woman, donated her savings 0f Rs 5 lakhs to Sewa Bharti Organisation for those who are in need.


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Humanity over Haj

Along with the cheque, she sent a letter and said, "I Khalida Begum, M/O Farooq Khan, was planning to go for Haj this year on my own expenses. But as the country is going through a difficult time due to COVID-19, I have decided against performing Haj this year."

Khalida Begum is the mother of Farooq Khan. He is the advisor to the Lt. Governor-General of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. With seven more people testing positive on Wednesday the total number of coronavirus cases in the Jammu and Kashmir stands at 62, reported Times Now.

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Asked to help people in need


Further, in her letter, she requested the organisation to use her money in helping people who are in urgent need of this help. The letter said, "Further, I have come to know that your esteemed organisation is working tirelessly for extending much-needed help for the needy persons. And I decided to donate an amount of Rs. 5,00,000, the amount required for performing Haj this year, to your organisation so that the amount can be best utilised for taking care of those who are in urgent need  of help."

The 87-year-old lady had been saving this money to perform her Haj. But due to Coronavirus pandemic, she cannot travel to Haj this year. She decided to put humanity over Haj and donated the money for people who need it. It is the generosity and kindness of people like these that keeps our faith in humanity going.

A few days ago in Belgium, a 90-year-old lady  denied to use the ventilator after she was hospitalized due to COVID-19 infection. She urged the doctors to leave the ventilator for someone younger. The world now saw another dadi who donated her saving for the greater good.

We at SheThePeople.TV salute both these ladies for making this world a better and a kinder place. The world needs more such people.

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