Pakistani TikTok Star Humaira Asghar Gets Backlash For Posing By Forest Fire

In the clip posted by Asghar, she is seen walking in a silver ball gown in front of a burning hillside with the caption.

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Humaira Asghar TikTok star and Pakistani actor recently received flak on social media for nonchalantly posing by a forest fire in a dainty gown and a pretentious caption. In a country which is one of the most affected places due by a forest fires in the world, the post by the celebrity was seen as insensitive and criminal in nature.

In the clip posted by Asghar, she is seen walking in a silver ball gown in front of a burning hillside with the caption, "Fire erupts wherever I am." People criticised it online and one user wrote, "This tiktoker from Pakistan set fire to the forest for 15-sec video. Government should make sure that culprits are punished and the TikToker along with the brand should be penalised."

After receiving massive backlash online, reportedly Humaira in a statement released by her team said that she did not start the fire and that "no harm" was done during the making of the video. However, the video has been taken down.

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The Environmental activist and chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Rina Saeed Khan Satti said, "She should have been hilding a bucket of water to extinguish the fire instead of glamorising it. Asghar has more than 11 million followers on TikTok.

Khan also tweeted, "This is a disturning &disastrous trend on TikTok! Young people desperate 4 followers are setting fire to our forests during this hot & dry season! In Australia, it is life imprisonment for those who start wildfires. We need to introduce similar legislation @WildlifeBoard."

Earlier this month, a man was arrested in Abbottabad for intentionally staring forest fire in the background of the video. Pakistan is the eighth most vulnerable country to extreme weather due to climate change. In recent days, it's been 51 degrees celsius in most parts of Pakistan.

Forest fires commonly take place from Mid-April and go on till July. Even the social media platform released an official statement and said that any content that violates the guidelines and promotes dangerous behaviour is not allowed.

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