How Wendy Diamond Started Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

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Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day — a day to celebrate women entrepreneurs all over the world. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is recognised by 144 nations. It was first celebrated on November 19, 2014.


The founder and CEO of Women's Entrepreneurship Day, Wendy Diamond. Photo Credits: Getty Images
The founder and CEO of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Wendy Diamond. Photo Credits: Getty Images



The main force behind celebrating WED is Wendy Diamond. She is the founder and the CEO of WED and rallied for global support to make this day a reality.

Before leading ahead in the celebratory mode, wonder who the person behind this exemplary move is? Meet the stellar woman rallying the global support for female business owners from all over the world. The founder and the CEO of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Wendy Diamond.

Here’s all that you need to know about Women Entrepreneurship:

  • Wendy Diamond founded the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to form a comunity of entrepreneurs who will not only celebrate their work and journey but also empower those who wish to be entrepreneurs


  • It was at the Adelante Foundation in Honduras where Diamond volunteered that she witnessed how empowering women financially can transform a community.


  • A small loan from one woman to another is all that it takes to make a difference, Diamond realised. This can help a woman start up a small business and follow her dreams.


  • Wendy then took it upon herself to bring together women entrepreneurs around the globe for an educational event.


  • The first event was held in New York City, United States on November 19, 2014, in which women from 144 nations participated.


  • Among the women who received the WED Pioneer Awards was former US President Barack Obama’s grandmother Mama Sarah Obama, for her work in bringing the gender equality in Kenya. Others who received awards were Loreen Arbus, Lyn Titlon etc.

The story behind celebrating the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is simply one powerful woman

  • Along with that, some additional events took pace, including one at the University Luxembourg that featured discussions of women entrepreneurs.
  • WED also celebrated the occasion by launching the women social media event.