How Tweaking Work-Life Can Make You Happier

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India is ushering in an era where more and more women are stepping out of their cloistered world and putting their education to good use. The road to freedom, however, isn’t free of obstacles. Due to dearth of safety in metropolitan cities and distant workplaces, the work-life balance often gets thrown out of gear. These are some hurdles women need to overcome to enjoy their professional life to the hilt.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some women to know the kind of changes they brought in to make their work-life balance better.

Gurugram resident Sonali Kathuria, working with an airlines company, has found the panacea to end the only problem she was facing. “I decided to shift closer to my workplace to avoid the long commute everyday. And then there is the safety factor which can be compromised.”

She explains how the decision to leave the comfort of her home to a new place was difficult. “Despite the problems, I’m happy because I get a lot of time for myself.”

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Talking about the other benefits she has been experiencing, she says, “My productivity at work has increased manifold and I feel more energetic throughout the day.”

48-year-old Anupama Kathuria, who has been working for 8 years now, was very clear in her head that she wanted her workplace to be close to her home. “I didn’t want my time, money and energy to get wasted in commuting. As a mother of two, I already have a lot to deal with.”

Reena Chadha left her teaching job to become a home tutor. “My life is more organized and peaceful now . I don’t see it as a setback because the nature of my profession hasn’t altered much and my life is less chaotic now,” she tells SheThePeople.Tv.

A lot of women are taking up “work-from-home” trend opportunities these days. And why not? Who doesn’t aspire to spend time with their family members without compromising on their monetary independence?

It is good to see more and more women devising strategies to maintain the equilibrium required to lead a happy life.

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Charvi Is An Intern With SheThePeople.TV